20 years of being legendary

100% Ice Cream is celebrating its anniversary! A milky ice cream is an ever-lasting classic. Over 3,147,000,000 packs sold in 20 years!

100% ice cream is one of Rud’s most celebrated brands presented in various formats. Some enjoy its pure classic taste; some use it as a base for desserts. And some simply love it for its delicate milky taste. Ever versatile, 100% Ice Cream is so often bought in family packs!

Should all the 100% Ice Cream eaten were to be measured in 500 g tubes, it would be enough to wrap the equator 2.6 times.

100% Ice Cream means 100% quality. This is certified by compliance with Ukrainian and European standards and consumer recognition. Ukrainians have already eaten enough 100% Ice Cream cups to give to every second person in the whole world.

Today 100% Ice Cream" is the most famous ice cream brand in Ukraine!


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