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About the tour

What is behind the scenes?

During the tour, you will learn a lot of interesting details about the history of ice-cream and will see how your favourite cold dessert is being made. All of this is for free!

How to join the tour?

You can visit the plant by groups from 15 to 30 persons: organize your class, student community, or working staff.

How to prepare?

ОPut on comfortable clothes and gather your hair. You will be given special sanitary uniform on the spot and will just have to be careful and listen to the guide:)

Shall we just look
at the ice-cream?

No-o-o, you will also taste it to your heart’s content! During the tour, you will enjoy your favourite ice-cream, and we also promise you more surprises :)

Are there any age

Yes. To fully enjoy the tour and feel comfortable, the participants must be at least in the fourth grade of the secondary school.

How long
is the tour?

It’ll take you up to 2 hours to explore the plant. The duration depends on the age and preferences of the participants as we adjust the program to your interests.

Rules of ordering the tour


Select the preferable date
and time of the tour on the website.


Carefully fill out the questionnaire
and indicate the number of visitors.


Confirm the request and download
the sample of the application
for participation together with
the participant list form.


If you would like to cancel your
participation in the tour, please
call our HOTLINE: 0 800 50 17 72.


You have signed up
for a tour.


Fill out the document
and authenticate the document
at your director’s. Email it to us.

Program of the tour

Degustation hall

At first, make yourself comfortable before the screen of the degustation hall and get ready for an interesting journey: let us immerse in the history of the ice-cream and learn more about the Rud company plant—one of the most innovative plants in Ukraine. To enjoy the video even more, we’ll degust endless ice-cream!

Sanitary check-point

The next step is keeping to sanitary and hygienic standards. Put on sanitary clothes, leave your belongings in the specially organized place, and disinfect your hands. Meanwhile, you will learn about the hygienic standards for the plant workers.

Production secrets

The third step is visiting operating departments, where ice-cream No. 1 is actually produced. Here we will learn more about the stages of production and specifics of the equipment. Among super modern machines, the plant has some absolutely unique samples, in particular Big Drum and Straightline. We promise to impress you! The ice-cream from the freezer, which you can taste only at the plant, will be a pleasant bonus!

Important details

People work at the plant even during the tour. Thus, while visiting, one should be polite, stick with the group, and listen carefully to the guide’s instructions. Also, one should watch out, as the plant has numerous steps and slippery surfaces, as well as the equipment which cannot be touched! Photo taking and video recording are allowed only in specially designated places.

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